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The Marathon Swimmers Forum was founded in March 2012 by marathon swimmers Evan Morrison (@evmo) and Donal Buckley (@loneswimmer). 

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The Marathon Swimmers Forum has over 13,000 posts in its archives. Your question may have already been answered. The Forum offers three methods of browsing the archives for specific topics:

Do Not Post Overly General Requests for Advice

For example: "I just signed up for a 10K. How should I train for this?"

Questions similar to this will be deleted by the admins, because they do not contain enough information for us to provide any useful advice. For tips on details you might include in "training"-type queries, see the Training Advice for Newbies thread.

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Comments that are irrelevant to the thread topic will be deleted.

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Bad Examples

A few examples of forum threads that have been deleted by the admins for violating these guidelines can be viewed HERE.

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