3 new world records

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The all women relay team Dutch Ladies First pulverized (in the words of Lance Oram the pilot) the previous record swum by an American team by more than 30 minutes

England - France, new record: 9 hours 57 min (old record was 10 hours 4 min)

France - England, new record: 8 hours 25 min (old record was 8 hours 55 min)

England - France - England new total time 18 hours 22 min (old record was 18 hours 59 min)

My co-webmaster Richard Broer of http://noww.nl and http://openwaterswimming.eu was their trainer before and coach during the swim.

Pilot was Lance Oram from the CS&PF onboard the 'Sea Satin'


One record that was on their minds they failed to break: the Dutch record England - France by an all male relay team that stands at 8 hours 57 minutes.

But who cares with 3 World Records broken. Congratulations ladies and coach.

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