Swimming in China?

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I'm going to be traveling for work in China January 3-12. Flying into Shanghai, down to Guangzhou, out of Beijing. Two questions about that:

First, how difficult is it to find pools to work out in? I don't want to ask my hosts about it if it would be a difficulty for them, but if it's relatively easy, I'd love to be able to get a few swims in. My work trip will take me to a number of schools. Is it common for schools to have a pool in China? Alternatively, are there municipal pools?

Second, what are open water conditions like in Guangzhou this time of year, in terms of temperature and water quality? I'd love to be able to say I had swum in the South China Sea, but I know that Guangzhou is pretty industrial.




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  • I swam in the YMCA in Hong Kong. The pool was incredibly crowded... and finding pools in the mainland was challenging, not only because there are very few, but because sanitation was a huge problem. I was particularly disappointed to find out that the Water Cube in Beijing was not open to swim in, and served solely as a tourist attraction.
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    We'll also be in Zhuhai. Anyone have any experience with swimming there? When I asked a couple of local grad students from the area about it, they seemed dubious. But that's a common reaction to open water swimming here in Michigan as well, so I'm not sure how much credence to give that.
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