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My name is Steve just joined so hello, i will probably bore the pants off you with questions because thats what i am like if i get to heavy a slap usually works.
I have done a few outdoor swims from 3 miles up and swam Coniston last year in 3 hours, train in the pool 3 or 4 times a week, long intervals and just long swims.
have signed up for 2swim4life this year in April and also i want to do Windemere this year so am sfter any advice as regards training , feeding ,fluids anything really all help gratefully recieved.


  • Hi Steve- I'm new around these parts, too. There's a wealth of information from these folks on the forum. Good luck on your swims this year!
    Molly Nance, Lincoln, Nebraska
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    This seems like a good opportunity to remind folks about some best practices in accessing information and finding answers to questions on this Forum.

    First of all, please make your thread titles descriptive. It helps to know generally what a thread is about before opening it. Descriptive titles also help in searching for them later.

    Re: how to find information in this Forum:

    If you look at the right sidebar on the main "Discussions" page, you will notice three important items:
    • A search box
    • A list of Categories
    • A list of Tags
    All of these are great ways to find information about specific topics. Try clicking a few of them and you'll see what I mean!

    So, regarding @Slipskin's query -- "[I] am after any advice as regards training, feeding, fluids anything really" -- he could try browsing the TRAINING tag, the NUTRITION tag, FEEDING tag -- or he could search for any of those terms in the search box.

    The BEGINNER QUESTIONS category archive is also potentially useful here.

    Once you've browsed the archives a bit, you may have more specific, targeted questions, which are more likely to elicit helpful answers from Forum members.

    By the way, welcome to the Forum, Steve!
  • Welcome Steve! I would suggest that you go back and read through the previous threads. I have been on the forum almost a year, and there is SO much good information on the previous threads as well as what is to come in response to your query. Good luck with your swims!
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