C3 - Cape Circumnavigation Challenge

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@Munatones just posted the swim announcement on Daily News and the cat is officially out of the bag for New Jersey's newest marathon swim, C3 - Cape Circumnavigation Challenge. The swim is 15.1 miles and will take participants (swimmers and their kayakers) around "America's Oldest Seashore Resort". Swim offers the taste of the Cape May Canal, Atlantic Ocean, and Delaware Bay...what other swim offers you three bodies of water for the price of one?!?! If you have any questions please contact me directly. Rather than saying the event will open for applicants on a specific date, applications are being accepted effective immediately and gives the community a new event in September which is rare for the North East. Event Website is www.shoreswim.com and part of the proceeds will be donated to a charity, yet to be named (but I have a solid idea of a local/global benefactor). Swim is set for Saturday, September 14th with a preview of the course onboard the Spirit of Cape May for all participants the night before.



  • Thanks for stepping up @jcmalick. Nothing else like this one in Mid-Atlantic.

    Looking forward to it but I guess I'll have to start working on the bilateral breathing again or I'll miss all of the scenery.
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    ...what other swim offers you three bodies of water for the price of one?!?!

    since you asked; MIMS

    but seriously, best of luck with the planning of this event.... checking my calendar!
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    Dang...you always bring me back to reality! If we're going to go that route, I suppose Rose Pitonof would fall in that category too! (East, Hudson, and Atlantic)

    Perhaps I should have clarified and stated three different styles of water....canal, ocean and bay! :o)
  • Price? Boat required or kayak enough?
  • Disregard. Found your website. My request will be in your inbox this morning.
  • @jcmalick - Well done sir! Looks like a great event.. Either swimming, or volunteering, I will be there!!
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania U.S.A.
  • Just to clarify on the article on Daily News of Open Water Swimming, the "double capping" policy dubbed by C3 was to allow for people with allergies to latex to have an alternative (nothing worse than swimming for extended periods of time and your vision going blurry and your head itching like crazy...I speak from experience!). HENCE as I am a traditionalist, the C3 policy will be amended to reflect a single cap and participants may wear a silicone cap rather than the latex being provided by Blue Seventy as long as it is brightly colored (silver, orange, yellow, etc). As @david_barra 's Clare's photo below depicted, perhaps there needs to be a Scause for a Cause (think South Park) for latex allergies!
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    I stand corrected although a bit creepy!
  • @jcmalick would you accept a bald head covered in neon pink zinka? beacuse I really do hate swim caps enough to do it :)
  • I think that would qualify for channel rules @aquarob!
  • That bracelet is SO likely to chafe, y'know...
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    Proud to announce C3's Charitable Beneficiary, MERR (Marine Education, Research and Rehabilitation) that plays a crucial role in the marine environment that participants will swim (let's face it, without the dolphins we might not be safe from the "Men in the Gray Suits")! A Beneficiary page has been added to the event website and below is a video of MERR's efforts. If you would like to make a donation, visit www.merrinstitute.org.


  • @jcmalick - This area has been a huge part of my aquatic life - I've surfed, swam and kayaked all along the route for the past 28 years. Thanks for organizing it - I hope to be apart of the inaugural event....my application has been sent.
  • NOTICE: C3 has done away with the three wait spots (afterall, who likes to be on hold) and upped the registration to 15. With that said, there is ONLY ONE SPOT LEFT! So far Seven States are Represented, the UK, and South Africa! Who will be...
  • Congratulations to @David_Barra for being number 15! C3 is Sold Out from a Swimmer Perspective for the inaugural year but still looking for spectators and support kayaks if y'all could spread the word! Stay tuned for an announcement of the swimmers but to tease, Two South Africans, One UK, and Seven States Represented (sad to report no fellow Delawareans even though I train in NJ and there are two reps from the Garden State)!
  • Very excited to participate in C3, and thrilled to support ambitious new OW offerings.
    ...anything worth doing is worth overdoing.
  • @jcmalick's swim is in the latest H2Open magazine. Congrats!
  • @jcmalick, is your website down? Or perhaps it is just my stupid browser...
  • @IronMike, it should be fine as I just pulled it up on my work computer.
  • I'll try it at home. My stupid organization probably doesn't like the pictures. ;)
  • Meet the Swimmers in the Inaugural C3!

  • Wow! Now that is an all-star cast of swimmers! Well done @jcmalick!!
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania U.S.A.
  • All,
    For personal reasons I've pulled myself from this swim. I've spoken with @jcmalick and gotten his permission to sell my spot.

    I have a spot on this swim with a volunteer kayaker provided by the organizers. If you are interested and qualified for this swim, pm me and I'll give you details.

    This is a great opportunity to take part in this swim (registration already closed!) at a discount.

  • Facebook just reminded me this event is happening now. Best wishes to all! Happy swimming :-)
  • Anyone got any updates? I'm not a twitter-er and I don't see any updates on FB.
  • It has been oddly silent, but Grace had a few posts on her page saying she was at Cape May and someone posted she was nearly finished---but that was hours ago. Even JC hasn't posted anything. I'm sure they are just out celebrating and forgot to post results.
  • The first C3 is in the bag. I personally had a good, fun swim, but there were some rough spots. There was a huge rip were the Delaware Bay meets the Atlantic. The rip had swells that were at least 6 feet coming from several directions. Some kayakers had difficulty or couldn't get through.

    Grace won. The first half of the swim, through the channel and harbor was flat and super fast. I thought of DN when I was rocketing past bridge pillions holding a 3-4 mph pace. We payed for it out in the Atlantic. High winds at times, rough surf and then the rip and a headwind and swells in the Bay.

    It was the first year and I am sure next year will be even better
  • Celebrating at 6:30. Woohoo!
  • Definitely a tale of two swims, I cranked through the first half in ~2:45, but the second half was a ton of chop, and the final couple of miles had a definite head current making it a hard slog. I was slower than @gregoc at 7:17, I think I need to borrow his polar bear camouflage technique...
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  • @dc_in_sf means "huge amounts of Desitin" when he says "polar bear camouflage". :-))
  • I had a great day watching all of you guys battle the elements. Grace won with a time of 5:04. I don't have the full time list with me, but I'm sure @jcmalick will post it as soon as he's had some sleep. My appetite is whetted for this bear of a swim. Can't wait to do it myself! Great meeting all of you and hope you are partying hard tonight.

    And for those worried, YES I did make it to my packet pickup in time. Triathlon in the morning, but setting up this evening reminded me yet again why I love the marathon swim community so much. Camaraderie and sportsmanship, plus one hell of a sense of adventure and great humor. Kudos to all who gave it a try, even if your day didn't turn out as planned.
  • I agree with @gregoc and @dc_in_sf first ~7 miles was fun, fast, flat and scenic. The Cape May beaches weren't too bad, but once I rounded the point it was tough. Grace smoked the field coming in in 5:05(even though she swam at least an extra half mile due to a buoy mix-up a cold spring inlet). I pulled a 5:45 out of thin air thanks to my awesome kayaker and tons of info and advice gleaned from this forum, not too mention my buddies at CIBBOWS and NYCSWIM. What a wonderful experience for my first "big" swim.

    PS - Here's a link to a GPS track I made with an app on my cell phone that was onboard the kayak:
  • OK, party time is over. We want results!
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    All of the Challengers did an amazing job! Results:

    1. Grace Van Der Byl - 5:05.09
    2. Mike Gemelli - 5:45.28
    3. Katie Scott - 5:52.49
    4. Anthony McCarley - 6:01.33
    5. Greg O'Connor - 6:11.35
    6. Michael Miller - 6:20.42
    7. Sydne Didier - 6:28.09
    8. Bridgette Hobart - 6:36.56
    9. Lori Carena - 7:12.19
    10. David Conners - 7:17.34
    11. Charlotte Samuels - 8:10.03
    12. Franco Prezioso - 8:10.47
    13. Sara Marley - 8:11.22
    14. Meghan Wren - 9:17.22
    Jia Jung - Swim Interrupted
    Claudia Rose - Swim Interrupted
    Kimberly Plewa - DNF
    Leonard Jansen - DNF
    David Barra - DNF
    Kenn Lowy - DNF
  • Congrats to all! Looking forward to reading about the swim on your blogs.
  • Well done everyone! Looking forward to speaking to @jcmalick soon about the event - such an awesome field of athletes for a first year! Well done C3 TEAM!
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania U.S.A.
  • This swim is a valuable addition to our sport. It was well organized, fun (except for my DNF - it is now on my "revenge swim" list for next year), good people, and a first-rate course. The ocean was a bit rough, but that was the luck of the draw because the next day it was like glass.
    Kudos to Jason for what must have been like a second job in pulling this together!

    Two thumbs way up! Definately a must to get on your competition "resume."

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  • Wow - well done to all!
  • My unnecessarily verbose swim report is up, hope to add more picture when they become available from the C3 folk.
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  • Nice mention of Dave L @dc_in_sf. He is a really good escort to have out there with you and a nice guy who enjoys the challenge of supporting swimmers at many events.

    Congratulations on a great swim. You can't say you are slow any more.
  • @dc_in_sf If you think your report is verbose, I am afraid to think of what you will say about mine!
    Here it is folks, in all its glory. :)
  • For the record, @SydneD wins the award for "best raccoon eyes" when she finished the swim.

    "Ordinarily he is insane, but he has lucid moments when he is only stupid." - Heinrich Heine
  • I'm proud to say that regardless of what race it is, I am a consistent winner in that category. ;)
  • A side story to this swim: My kayaker had his girlfriend there and she is an animal control officer. On Sunday night, there was a house fire in their area and she rescued three kittens that she took home to raise and then give to people. They decided to name one of the kittens "Leonard." If you know me, you know that I am absolutely wild about cats, so this made even the DNF worth it. Besides, I tried to get my brother and two sisters to name one of their kids "Leonard" or "Lenore" and no luck, so at least someone thinks it's a good name.

    "Ordinarily he is insane, but he has lucid moments when he is only stupid." - Heinrich Heine
  • I just named my new Beta fish "Leonard."
    He's a really great swimmer. Doesn't go far though.
    Keeps bumping into the fishbowl wall.
    (A for effort on C3, Leonard!) (*)
  • I realize this is early, but when does registration for next year open up? I'm psyching myself up for the winter season by planning out next year's swims...
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