The Siljan Diary

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With this fourth year, the nature of my swims is no longer a coincidence--a pattern is evident. And 2013 is a "fresh" year. I've found out a Swedish lake -- Lake Siljan -- that I intend to swim across this summer. It's a challenge and it's a creative act, to investigate and then plan and execute a marathon swim in a foreign country.

Here's the unfolding story.
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Here's the vision:


  • Thanks for posting, Dave. It's interesting to be able to follow an idea for a new marathon swim from its inception to its execution. Good luck with the adventure.
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    Dave Van Mouwerik's Lake Siljan swim (which I believe is unprecedented) begins in a few hours.

    - blog
    - Twitter
    - SPOT

    Swim, Dave, swim!
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    He did it!

  • Right on! I enjoyed reading some of his blog posts- good stuff! Congrats, Dave!
  • Woohoo! Awesome to follow the makings and doings of this swim, Dave. Congrats and thanks for blogging it for us to enjoy with you.
    I'm not very popular around here; but I'm huge in Edinburgh!
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