Historical results of various swims

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I registered ntl4.com and uploaded my scripts, csv, and html to there, free for anyone to view/download.


  • Great. Thanks, I will have a play this weekend.
  • Let me know if I can tune it so that it is more useful to you. I added a d3js page to view the cvs directly, and modified the shell script to accommodate several encodings that were breaking links etc.
  • oxooxo
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    Updates to ntl4.com :

    1) added more Channel Islands swim data scraped from the set of google spreadsheets that SBCSA iframes onto their website

    2) revised the Catalina files to match

    3) de-columnated my csv output files for compatibility with d3js

    Scripts, csv, and html are all there, free for anyone to view/download.
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