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I will be in Seattle around Thanksgiving. I was wondering if I could join a local OW swimming group for a swim there. How cold does the water get at that time of the year? Or do swimmers just wait for warmer summer waters?


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    @calypso: You can. You Can. YOU CAN!

    There are no "groups" per se that swim in winter, but there are groups of people that occasionally go swimming all year long.

    The best thing to do is post something on Facebook's Western Washington Open Water Swimming before you get to town. Or get in touch with me. Or both.

    The best spots include Alki (AL-kye) Beach...and I'm sure there are others, but I'm biased. The temps in the Sound are around 55 right now and will only drop to 45 in January. Lake Washington is around 70 at the moment, and will get into the low 40s over the winter. But if you are going to jump in cold water, at least treat yourself to the underwater scenery of Alki. If you need me to further extol the virtues of Alki for you, I will.

    See you in a few months!
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  • Thank you, @ironmike!
  • Thank you, @Malinaka!
    I'd be very interested in swimming at whatever location u recommend and would love to join a happy swim bunch in the process. I'll be in touch as I get closer to flying to SEA. Again thanks so much for sharing this info. :)
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