DN vs Oprah


Wonder and awe without the old bearded guy?

I’ll cast my vote for DN on this one.
...anything worth doing is worth overdoing.


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    Who cares what DN believes? She probable cheats with that also. All 'sanctified' to earn a few more bucks.
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  • While this thread may have little relevance to swimming, your post is from leftfield (sorry I don’t have a futball analogy)
    This is certainly an example of DN not pandering to the Oprah audience but as the author notes equating atheism and spirituality does indeed seem wishy-washy to some.
    ...anything worth doing is worth overdoing.
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    what did the atheist Channel swimmer say when his pilot boat sank in the separation zone?

    "oh god in which I refuse to believe; why have you forsaken me?"

    What would I know, never been further than 10k ....
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    @SuirThing Rubbish. I've seen the bottom of a boat in the Channel. While it wasn't sinking, it wasn't the angle from which one would want to see their pilot boat. Not then, nor any other time in my life, nor in any other foxhole, has it ever even occurred to me to ask the question @SuirThing postulates.

    Per what @david_barra asks, as an open water swimmer & atheist, I feel lucky to be able to experience the almost ineffable wonder of the universe and the connection we all feel in the sea, regardless of our credo or lack thereof.

    And I do so without once using the word mystical.
  • the above joke is loosely based on a line from the TV series "The Big Bang Theory"

    no offence intended to atheists anywhere
    What would I know, never been further than 10k ....
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