Joe Locke Farallon Swim 2012

Joe Locke is scheduled to splash at 3:30 AM pacific time...
Good luck Joe!
...anything worth doing is worth overdoing.


  • Looks like Joe has taken advantage of the ebb from the toilet bowl known as San Francisco Harbor and appears to be about 1/3 of the way to the Farallones in 1 hour, e.g. 10 miles or more of the 31 to go!! Wow. Now all he as to worry about is getting hypothermia in waters that are 50 degrees F.
  • (He got in at 3:19 A.M. Pacific time starting at the bridge.. You can follow his swim on "spot" here:
  • Note that distance covered per every "spot" (10 minutes) has been halved now that he is in open ocean and out of the ebb flow. Not sure of time for flood to begin (which can start to send him back toward the bridge) unless he is far enough away so that it is too weak to affect his course.
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    Below, pic of Joe Locke after a raining swim. And his goal, the desolate Farallone Isle!
  • And now, 4 hours after start his "forward" progress is lowered and being pushed considerably south of the Farallones by a strong southerly component of tidal flows. It appears that what he has "gained" on the ebb from the bridge, he is losing by being forced south of his goal. Hmmmm. And probably getting cold, now.
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    Here's a video of Ted Erikson's (a.k.a. @SdogV ) swim from the Farallons (9/16/1967) in 14hr 38min - a record that still stands.

  • (4) Now 7 hours into swim. Appears to be an additional southerly drift between "spots" # 33-35 and # 40-41. Uncertain whether caused by boat heading or open water tidal flow change..? Half of ~31 mile distance covered, but may require some northerly swimming in next hours.. Must be getting colder, too. Brrrrrrr.
  • Joe @ 7hrs into swim. Wide shot and close-up.
  • Just discovered Joe was pulled a 6:32 hours into swim.@ 47 degrees.

    It is impossible to survive a 3 degree DROP when starting at 50 F. That is exactly what happened to me in 1966 attempt; Started swim at ~51-2 F, dropped as nite fell to below 50 and I went completely hypothermic. (reported "dead")

    I hope he pulled with "some" life left..

    BTW, if swimming in the reverse direction, a start a 47 would have encountered "warmer" water like 50 (ha!) and it MAY have been possible to continue..

    In short, water temp drops during a swim are a killer for a swimmer. Body temp can not adjust thermodynamically.

  • Just got home from a 60 minute 47 degree swim at Brighton Beach... damn! that was cold.
    Big respect to JL for the effort! (any bets whether he'll try again? lol)
    ...anything worth doing is worth overdoing.
  • A video of Joe's swim:

    A brave attempt!
  • A truly amazing effort; such a beautiful picture posted above!
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania U.S.A.
  • JC Malick will splash tonight (tomorrow AM)
    Good Luck J.C. !
    ...anything worth doing is worth overdoing.
  • Jason should be ~ 1 hour into his Farallon swim attempt. Checked "spot". Just one marker...??
  • Jason was pulled about four hours in after the cold zapped him. Night Train guys said he started swimming a stroke they'd never seen before. I chatted with JC a while ago and he's in good spirits. He's a tough dude, so I'm sure the Farallons haven't seen the last of him.
  • since this is the kind of crowd that would dig it, here's my experience from the boat on JC's Farallon adventure
  • AquaRob said:

    since this is the kind of crowd that would dig it, here's my experience from the boat on JC's Farallon adventure

    Great read! thanks

    ...anything worth doing is worth overdoing.
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    Joe Locke is charging hard on his 3rd Farallon attempt. Water a bit warmer this time - 51F (10.5C). He's about halfway across, but is now pushing against the flood has lost the benefit of the ebb and is pushing across some cross currents. Go Joe!
  • Valiant Effort by THE Joe Locke! When USS Iowa is halted in the bay and Joe warriors out, you really know a man's metal!
  • @jcmalick So, I have to ask: why the early season rush? Is it an attempt to get to the Farallons before the "fish" arrive?
    ...anything worth doing is worth overdoing.
  • @david_barra For the most part yes...winds also become a major factor in June and July so Swells become outlandish...August-November is when we sing "Here come the Men in Grey (Not Black)"! So it's a trade-off...cold water and "calmer" seas or warmer water (mid to upper 50s) and a descendant of Jerry Garcia (the shark attacked by an Orca off the islands a few years ago).
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