Recommended Products

Training Gear

TYR Kickboard Sturdy board, good flotation.
FINIS Pull Buoy Made of non-slippery materials, so stays in place well. Relatively floaty.
FINIS Agility Paddles The best paddles for developing an effective catch.
Strokemaker Paddles The classic power paddles.
Swimmer Snorkel An effective tool for working on body alignment.


Tempo Trainer Develop a consistent stroke rate; experiment with different tempos.
Garmin Forerunner 910XT Waterproof GPS watch. Tracks stroke count and navigation in open water.

Goggles & Caps

Swedish goggles The classic.
Sporti swedes Pre-assembled knockoff Swedes, preferred by some over the original.
Nootca Elevens Improved version of Speedo Vanquishers.
Sable Water Optics High-end goggle with crystal-clear lenses and excellent visibility.
Blueseventy HydraVision Low-profile but extremely comfortable. Easy to adjust.
Zoggs Predator Flex Endorsed by Paul Newsome, 2013 MIMS champion.
AquaSphere Kaiman A popular hybrid between mask-style and lower-profile goggles.
Speedo silicone swim cap Simple, well-fitting.
Nootca Houndstooth Cap Next generation cap with improved fit and tear-resistance.


Speedo Endurance+ Poly Briefs Extremely chlorine-resistan fabric.