U.S. Marathon Swim Calendar

List of organized marathon swim races in the United States or nearby locations. 10K (6 miles) or longer.

2015 dates if available; otherwise 2014 dates are shown. To add an event to this list, please leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

when what where dist loop current
4/12/2015 Swim Around Lido Key Sarasota, FL 7M 1 tidal
4/19/2015 Nike Swim Miami Miami, FL 10K 5 no
4/25/2015 Tampa Bay Marathon Swim Tampa, FL 24M 0 tidal
5/6/2015 S.C.A.R. Swim Challenge Saguaro Lake, AZ 9.5M 0 lake
5/7/2015 S.C.A.R. Swim Challenge Canyon Lake, AZ 9M 0 lake
5/8/2015 S.C.A.R. Swim Challenge Apache Lake, AZ 17M 0 lake
5/9/2015 S.C.A.R. Swim Challenge Roosevelt Lake, AZ 10K 0 lake
6/6/2015 Potomac River Swim Hull Neck, VA to Pt Lookout S.P., MD 7.5M 0  
6/6/2015 Swim Around Key West Key West, FL 12M 1 tidal
6/6/2015 Great Salt Lake Marathon Swim Salt Lake City, UT 8M 0 no
6/7/2015 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim Rip Van Winkle to Kingston Rhinecliff 18.3M 0 river
6/8/2015 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim Kingston Rhinecliff to Mid-Hudson 19.8M 0 river
6/9/2015 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim Mid-Hudson to Newburgh Beacon 13.2M 0 river
6/10/2015 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim Newburgh Beacon to Bear Mountain 15.0M 0 river
6/11/2015 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim Bear Mountain to Tappan Zee 19.8M 0 river
6/12/2015 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim Tappan Zee to George Washington 15.7M 0 river
6/13/2015 FKCC Swim Around Key West Key West, FL 12M 1 tidal
6/13/2015 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim George Washington to Verrazano Narrows 18.6M 0 river
6/13/2015 Lake Del Valle (USMS Nat.Champ) Livermore, CA 10K 4 lake
6/20/2015 END-WET Grand Forks, ND to Oslo, MN 36M 0 river
6/20/2015 Son of a Swim Newport, VT 6M   no
6/20/2015 Morse Reservoir (USMS Nat.Champ) Noblesville, IN 15K 3 lake
7/12/2015 Portland Bridge Swim Portland, OR 11M 0 river
7/12/2015 Semana Nautica 6-mile Swim Santa Barbara, CA 6M 0 no
7/18/2015 Flathead Lake Swim Big Arm, Montana 10K 0 lake
7/18/2015 Swim Ocean City Ocean City, MD 9M 0 ocean
7/25/2015 Swim Across the Sound Bridgeport, CT 25K 0  
7/25/2015 Kingdom Swim Newport, VT 10M 1 no
8/2/2015 Pennock Island Challenge Ketchikan, AK 8.2M 1  
8/2/2015 Swim for Freedom Lake Geneva, WI 8M 0 no
8/8/2015 Deer Creek 10K Charleston, UT 10K 1  
8/8/2015 Deer Creek 10-mile Charleston, UT 10M 1  
8/9/2015 Change Your Latitude 57˚ Sitka, AK 10K 1  
8/10/2015 Swim the Kingdom - Echo Lake Ludlow, VT 12K 1 no
8/11/2015 Swim the Kingdom - Lake Seymour Morgan, VT 10K 1 no
8/12/2015 Swim the Kingdom - Lake Massawippi Ayers Cliff, Quebec 9M 0 no
8/13/2015 Swim the Kingdom - Lake Memphremagog Newport, VT 10K 1 no
8/15/2015 Boston Light Swim Boston, MA 8M 0 tidal
8/15/2015 Rose Pitonof Swim Brooklyn, NY 17M 0 tidal
8/23/2015 Horsetooth Swim Fort Collins, CO 10K 0 no
8/23/2015 Swim to the Moon Hell, MI 10K 1  
8/29/2015 Nanaimo Ocean Swim Newcastle Island, BC 11km 1 ocean
8/29/2015 Bridge to Bridge San Francisco, CA 10K 0 tidal
8/29/2015 Lake George Swim Hague, NY 10K 4 no
9/5/2015 In Search of Memphre Newport, VT 25M 0 no
9/26/2015 Swim Around Charleston Charleston, SC 12M 0 tidal
9/27/2015 La Jolla Cove 10-mile La Jolla, CA 10M 10 no
10/3/2015 To the Bridge and Back Midlothian, VA 10M 0 river
10/10/2015 Lake Travis Relay Austin, TX 10M 0 no
10/10/2015 Swim the Suck Chattanooga, TN 10M 0 river
10/10/2015 Georgeville or Bust Newport, VT 15M 0 no
multiple dates Manhattan Island Marathon Swim New York, NY 28.5M 1 river
5/17/2014 Pensacola Bridge Swim Pensacola, FL 25K 1  
5/18/2014 Pensacola Bridge Swim Pensacola, FL 10K    
8/1/2014 Great Moose Migration Arrowrock Reservoir, ID 11M 0 reserv.
8/10/2014 Ederle Swim New York, NY 17.5M 0 tidal
9/6/2014 NY Aquarium Triple Dip New York, NY 10K 2 no
9/7/2014 Brooklyn Marathon Swim Brooklyn, NY 12M 0 tidal
9/11/2014 Bannerman's Island Return Cold Spring, NY 11K 1 river
9/14/2014 Swim for the Potomac National Harbor, MD 10K 8 no
9/20/2014 Little Red Lighthouse Swim New York, NY 10K 0 river
10/12/2014 Bermuda Round-the-Sound Bermuda 10K 1  
11/8/2014 Big Tortuga Willis, TX 10K 0 lake


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