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About the Marathon Swimmers Federation

The Marathon Swimmers Federation (MSF) provides resources, guidelines, and social networking to the global community of marathon swimmers and aspiring marathon swimmers. The MSF was founded in 2012 by Evan Morrison and Donal Buckley, and is centered at the 850-member online Marathon Swimmers Forum.

About the Authors

  • Evan Morrison (San Francisco, Calif., USA). Co-Founder, MSF. Board Member, Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Assoc. Solo swims of Catalina Channel, Santa Barbara Channel, Manhattan Island, and Tampa Bay. Author, Farther, Colder, Rougher.
  • Andrew Malinak (Seattle, Wash., USA). Manhattan Island & Straits of Gibraltar solo swimmer.
  • Donal Buckley (Co. Tipperary, Ireland). Co-Founder, MSF. English Channel and Manhattan Island solo swimmer. Author, LoneSwimmer.com.
  • Elaine Howley (Boston, Mass., USA). Co-Founder, Massachusetts Open Water Swimming Assoc. Triple Crown marathon swimmer. Ice swimmer. Co-world record holder, double Boston Light Swim. Associate Editor, U.S. Masters Swimming / SWIMMER magazine. Author,Tales of the Beer Baby.

We received valuable feedback from Cathy Delneo, David Barra, Forrest Nelson, Barbara Held, Ron Collins, Scott Zornig, Finbarr Hedderman, Zoe Sadler, Rob Bohane, Mauricio Prieto, Greg O’Connor, Rich Morrison, Gale Morrison, Anthony McCarley, and Dave Van Mouwerik.


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