Hawaii Open Water Swims - 2020

Note: Many 2020 swims have been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please click through to the organizers’ websites for current information.

Calendar of open water swims in Hawaii. NOTE: As of 6/2/2020, all of the following have been canceled except the Double Roughwater.
4/18/2020 Fin Swim Oahu- Ala Moana Beach Park Ocean 1K and 2 K
6/13/2020 Summer Sprint Oahu- North Shore Ocean 1 mile
6/27/2020 Waimea Bay Swim Oahu- North Shore Ocean 1.2 miles
7/11/2020 Chun's to Waimea Oahu- North Shore Ocean 1.6 miles
7/17/2020 South Shore Classic Oahu- South Shore Ocean 1 and 2 mile
7/25/2020 Laniakea to Puaʻena Point Oahu- North Shore Ocean 1.9 miles
8/8/2020 North Shore Challenge Oahu North Shore Ocean 2.3 miles
8/23/2020 Duke's Ocean Mile Oahu- South Shore Ocean 1 mile
9/7/2020 Waikiki Roughwater Swim Oahu- South Shore Ocean 2.4 miles
10/24/2020 Looong Swim (aka Double Roughwater) Oahu- South Shore Ocean 7 K

2020 dates not yet known
Popoia Swim Oahu- Kailua Beach Ocean 1/2 mile and 1.5 miles

Calendar maintained by Stefan Reinke.