Training for Robben Island, South Africa - 7.4km

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Hey guys,

I'm 2,5 weeks away from swimming my first "real" ocean open water race from Robben Island to Blouberg, I've been putting in the distance in the pool and did a 5km dam swim over the weekend. I feel comfortable with the distance. I've done a couple of cold miles in Clifton which averages at about 12°C, but I'm going to table bay this weekend (which is the bay the swim is in) to hang around in the water for an hour or so to start conditioning my body.

I've got a couple of things I'm wondering about:
How often should I feed on a 7.4km swim, it's not very far?
What kind of fatigue should I expect from the cold?
What is the best way to condition for the cold?

Essentially what I'd like to know is if you could go back to your first swim knowing what you know now - what advice would you give yourself?

Thanks y'all, I've learnt a lot from this forum already.


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