Alan Morrison - Brooklyn Bridge to Coney Island, return to Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge to Coney Island, return to Brooklyn Bridge

23.4 miles

9 hours, 48 minutes on September 27, 2015

Observed and documented by Rondi Davies



  • Name: Alan Jay Morrison
  • Gender: male
  • Age on swim date: 53
  • Nationality: United States
  • Resides: New York, New York


  • Bodies of Water: East River and New York Bay
  • Description: Brooklyn Bridge to Coney Island (Steeplechase Pier), then return to Brooklyn Bridge
  • Category: two-way, non-stop
  • Certified Route Distance: 23.4 miles / 37.7 km (shortest swimmable path)

Start and Finish

North side of Brooklyn Bridge, East River, New York City. 40.704819 N, 73.995271 W.

Return Waypoint

East side of Steeplechase Pier, Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York. Swimmer remained in the water between the outbound and return legs. 40.569521 N, 73.983261 W.

Intermediate Route Parameters

Location Latitude Longitude
Red Hook 40.679765 -74.019972
American Veterans Memorial Pier 40.639819 -74.039641
86th St 40.626066 -74.042248
Verrazano Narrows Bridge 40.608071 -74.039970
Norton Point (Seagate) 40.573967 -74.011813
37th St Jetty 40.569016 -74.001999

Route Map

Support Personnel

  • Observer: Rondi Davies
  • Crew: Patricia Sener
  • Kayaker: Margrethe Hørlyck-Romanovsky
  • Pilot: John Picinic
  • Escort Vessel: Lucky 7 (Edgewater, NJ)


MSF Standard - no exceptions or modifications.

Swim Data

  • Start: September 27, 2015, 10:32:32
  • Finish: September 27, 2015, 20:21:20
  • Elapsed: 9 hours, 48 minutes, 48 seconds
  • Summary of Conditions:
    • Sea Temp: 62F to 70F
    • Air Temp: 64F to 70F
    • Wind Speed: 3-10 mph

GPS Track

  • Track Total: 24.3 miles (0.9 miles more than route distance)
  • Outbound: red
  • Inbound: green
  • Hover over points to view timestamps.

Download Track Data

Speed Plot

5 minutes per trackpoint

speed plot

Observer Log

log1 log2 log3

Download observer report (PDF)

Courtesy of Patricia Sener


Video credit: Patricia Sener

Tide Planning Report

Swimmer position (white star) overlain on Steven’s Institute current prediction maps.

10:32 AM start

North side of Brooklyn Bridge Current already in strong ebb

11:30 am

12:30 pm

1:30 pm

2:15 pm

Steeplechase Pier Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY
Time from BB to CI was 3hr 42 mins

3:30 pm

4:30 pm

5:30 pm

6:30 pm

7:30 pm

South side of Gov. Island
Buttermilk Channel </div> </div>

8:20 pm

Swim finish: 9:48:49

[Download tide planning report](TideReport.pdf) (PDF) ## Supporting Data ### Media Coverage - [H2Open Magazine article]( - [Daily News of Open Water Swimming article]( ### Previous Marathon Swims - 2010 – Boston Light Swim (8 miles) [results]( - 2011 – Tampa Bay Marathon Swim (24 miles) [results]( - 2011 – Rose Pitonof Marathon Swim (17 miles) [results]( - 2011 – Santa Barbara Channel Swim (12.4 miles) [results]( - 2013 – Rose Pitonof Marathon Swim (Breaststroke) (17 miles) [results]( - 2013 – Sandy Hook to Coney Island Swim (Breaststroke) (7.5 miles) [results]( - [LongSwimsDB profile]( ### Press Release

Photo credit: Mario Burger

CORRECTED - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 26, 2015 New Yorker to Attempt 24-Mile Swim from Brooklyn Bridge to Coney Island and Back Again DATE: SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2015 @ 10:30AM START: In the water just north of the Brooklyn Bridge on the Brooklyn side FINISH: In the water just north of the Brooklyn Bridge on the Brooklyn side On Sunday, September 27 at 10:30am, Alan J. Morrison, a 53-year-old Manhattan resident and marathon swimmer, will attempt to swim from the Brooklyn Bridge to Steeplechase Pier at Coney Island and then back to the Brooklyn Bridge. The 24-mile swim is expected to take over eight hours to complete. By attempting this swim, Morrison hopes to raise awareness of the Bellevue/NYU Program for Survivors of Torture, the first and largest torture treatment center in the New York City area. Morrison is a longtime supporter of this vital and inspiring organization, and has served as a founding member of its Advisory Board. The Program provides comprehensive and interdisciplinary medical, mental health, social and legal services to survivors of torture, war trauma and other human rights abuses. Morrison chose to swim this particular course as a tribute to Brooklyn’s two greatest landmarks. A support crew will accompany Morrison during his swim, and will provide him with safety, navigation and nutrition. Like Morrison, who is on the Board of Directors of the Coney Island Brighton Beach Open Water Swimmers (CIBBOWS), two members of his crew, Patricia Sener and Rondi Davies, are also accomplished marathon swimmers and leaders of CIBBOWS. Sener, CIBBOWS’ Executive Director, recently became the first person to swim across the New York / New Jersey Bight. Davies, a member of CIBBOWS’ Advisory Board, holds the women’s record for the fastest swim around Manhattan. [Download PDF version](PressRelease.pdf) --- - More information about the Bellevue/NYU Program for Survivors of Torture [[link](PSOT-descrip.pdf)] - More information about the Coney Island Brighton Beach Open Water Swimmers [[link](]