2012 Global Marathon Swimming Awards

Solo Swim of the Year

The most outstanding solo marathon swim

Tina Neill (USA). San Clemente Island to California mainland. Unprecedented 52 statute mile swim in 28 hours, 41 minutes. Sanctioned by the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association.

Trent Grimsey (Australia). New English Channel solo record. 6 hours, 55 minutes. Sanctioned by the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation.

Barra Award

Most impressive body of work in marathon swimming in 2012, all considered

Grace van der Byl (USA). New Catalina Channel overall solo record (7 hours, 27 minutes). First swimmer to complete all seven stages of the 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim, and new course records in all seven stages. Organized new local network of support personnel for Catalina Channel swimmers.


Solo Swim of the Year (female)

Annaleise Carr (Canada). Lake Ontario crossing.

Chloe McCardel (Australia). English Channel two-way.

Tina Neill (USA). San Clemente Island to California mainland.

Solo Swim of the Year (male)

Trent Grimsey (Australia). New English Channel record.

Craig Lenning (USA). Tsugaru Strait crossing.

Bill Shipp (USA). Lake Memphremagog crossing.

Barra Award

David Barra (USA).

Darren Miller (USA).

Anna-Carin Nordin (Sweden).

Stephen Redmond (Ireland).

Grace van der Byl (USA).