Yudovin Award for Most Adventurous Swim

The Yudovin Award, named for David Yudovin, recognizes the most adventurous, unusual, or interesting solo marathon swim of the year.


Lori King (New York, USA) - Bermuda circumnavigation

First woman (and second overall) to complete a solo circumnavigation of Bermuda. 36.5 miles in 21 hours, 19 minutes on June 15.

Nominated by Rondi Davies

I would like to nominate Lori King for the Yudovin Award for her swim around Bermuda on June 15th, 2016. Lori swam the 36.5 mile distance in 21 hr 19 m 45 s.

The first attempt of this swim was made by Sean O’Connell on July 9, 1976 in a counterclockwise direction and was unsuccessful (the north shore currents were too strong he has been quoted as saying). His second attempt on August 21, 1976, going clockwise, was successful and took 43 hr 27 m.

Over the past two years Lori dreamed, planned, trained, and executed this swim on her own. She put together a crew of Bermudians who knew the waters. They had great concerns about navigation in some areas due to unpredictability of the wind direction and the effects it would have on certain parts of the course; two boats were damaged during the swim. Lori started her swim one day before planned and at a different start location because of an unfavorable weather forecast. The night portion of the swim on the North Shore had terrible head winds.

Lori did this monumental swim with humility and grace and inspired countess Bermudians (and others) along the way.

Jeff Miller (Virgin Islands, USA) - St. John circumnavigation

First solo, unassisted circumnavigation of St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands. 23 miles in 12 hours, 19 minutes on September 24.

Nominated by Evan Morrison

Greg O’Connor (Massachusetts, USA) - Massachusetts Bay

First solo trans-Massachusetts Bay crossing, Gloucester to Strawberry Point, Scituate. 23.2 miles in 13 hours 55 minutes on August 15th.

Nominated by Courtney Paulk:

I would like to nominate Greg O’Connor for the Yudovin Award for his swim across Massachusetts Bay from Gloucester, MA to Strawberry Point in Scituate, MA. Greg covered the 23.2 miles in 13 hours 55 minutes 5 seconds on August 15th. Greg is a great ambassador of our sport and is incredibly deserving of this award.

Observer Bob Fernald reported on the Massachusetts Bay swim as follows: “Morning came early for the crew supporting Greg O’Connor on his historic adventure swim across the Massachusetts Bay. Captain Chris Sweeney, and expert kayaker Bill Steele know these waters well. Rounding out his support crew was up and coming Open Water swimmer Fran O’Loughlin, whose infectious personality lit up the boat in the dark hours. Also on board, MOWSA observer, Bob Fernald.

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