Service to Marathon Swimming Award

The Service to Marathon Swimming Award, named for Freda Streeter MBE, recognizes an individual or group who has contributed most meaningfully to the sport of marathon swimming in a non-swimming role.


Tom Linthicum and Dave Van Mouwerik

For supporting, piloting, and compiling historical documentation of marathon swims in Lake Tahoe, and for establishing the Lake Tahoe Marathon Swim Federation (2016 to present).

Andrew Malinak

For co-founding and leading the Northwest Open Water Swimming Association (2015 to present), and for piloting Sarah Thomas’s record Lake Champlain swim.

Greg O’Connor and Elaine Kornbau Howley

For co-directing the Boston Light Swim (2009 to present) and for establishing the Massachusetts Open Water Swimming Association.

Mark Sheridan

For leading the British Long Distance Swimming Association as its president in 2017.

Scott Zornig

For developing and leading the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association, 2009-2016.