Solo Swim of the Year - 2017

Solo Swim of the Year recognizes the most outstanding solo, unassisted marathon swim of the year - one by a male, and one by a female.


Daniel Abel

Circumnavigation of Rarotonga, Cook Islands. 34 km in 11 hours, 2 minutes on 18 September 2017. Independent swim ratified by MSF.

Caroline Block

Two-way North Channel attempt. First leg (Ireland to Scotland) completed in 15 hours, 32 minutes. Second leg aborted after an additional 13 hours. Sanctioned and observed by the Irish Long Distance Swimming Association.

Catherine Breed

Broke 30-year old record for fastest Lake Tahoe length swim - 21.3 miles (34.3 km) in 8 hours, 56 minutes

Sarah Thomas

104.6 miles (168.3 km) in 67 hours, 16 minutes in Lake Champlain. New world record: longest open water swim (continuous, unassisted, current-neutral). Independent swim ratified by MSF.